Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pedrosa BaKalan Come Back Di Mugello?

Di pemberitaan diTV, dikabarkan Dani Pedrosa bakalan absen sampai akhir musim. Ternyata baru baru in ada berita baru tapi nggak di TV.

"After missing three races, I'm happy to be back in Mugello. During this period I've been very focused on my recovery and after the second operation I have improved a lot. I'm really looking forward to riding the bike, getting into the groove again and to be as competitive as I was before the injury.
"It's been difficult being out of competition, but that was the situation and I couldn't do more. I have been in contact with my team during this time and I know they also look forward to getting back to normal.
"Together we will work to regain the highest level and fight to win races again. Mugello is a difficult circuit, very technical and demanding, and I know it will not be easy for us, but last year we scored our first win of the season there and we would like to get a good result"

Persainga bakalan seru kembali deh.  Tapi kalo Kena Jurus Maut dari Simoncelli lagi gimana yak? Atau Simoncelli ganti sasaran ke HoHe terus? Saksikan saja kelanjutan Motogp 2011.

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